As you begin a program of injection sclerotherapy for your veins, there are some things you need to remember.

Certain veins require two or three treatments before they disappear.
The principle of injection sclerotherapy therapy for veins is to inject a sclerosing (scarring) agent into the vein that causes the vein wall to become inflamed and seal together. When it can no longer carry blood, it is no longer visible through the skin.
Larger veins that have been injected might become lumpy and hard.
This is not a serious complication of sclerotherapy — however, it does occur. Although this will dissolve and fade with time (over several months), your practitioner may opt to do a simple procedure to avoid further issues.
There is occasional skin pigmentation (brown spots). 
When the tiny needle is inserted into the vein for injection purposes, occasionally, as the salt solution is injected, the vein will rupture, allowing the solution to leak into the surrounding tissue. This may result in a brown-pigmented spot in the skin. In most cases they disappear within 3-12 months, but may also be permanent. Some people may be more prone to this complication. Your practitioner will discuss this risk with you prior to treatment.
There is a rare occurrence of small skin ulcers forming after an injection.
Very rarely, an injection will be irritating enough to cause a small area of skin loss (or ulcer). These ulcers will heal; however, a small white scar may remain.
You will be required to support your legs while recovering from sclerotherapy treatment.
After injection, your legs will be compressed with small gauze pads and a pressure gradient support stocking (either thigh-high or pantyhose). This compression support stays in place for three days and two nights. Then the stocking alone is used, while resuming daily showers, for an additional 2 weeks during the daytime. Wash the stockings every night. Do not use Woolite or regular detergents. Our suggestion is baby shampoo or Ivory liquid.
Activities after your injections.
During injection treatments, your activities are not restricted. You may continue to work, perform your daily activities and exercise. However, aggressive exercising such as jogging, tennis, or high-impact aerobics should be avoided during the first week following your treatment.
New veins may form, requiring treatment.
Occasionally following treatment, tiny new veins ("flares," "mats," "blushing") may form in close proximity to the veins just injected. The majority of these will disappear in 3-12 months. They may also be controlled by repeat injection. Even after the majority of your veins have been removed by sclerotherapy, be aware that new veins can develop. We ask all our patients to return for periodic re-evaluation for preventative care.